Let us manage your Website

Go to Monthly Flat Rate

Monthly Flat Rate

Your site is managed at a flat rate per month. You always know your site is taken care of.

Go to Backups


Every site should have a backup, so, every site we build or maintain is setup with backup software with a backup to the cloud

Go to Monitoring


Our custom monitoring solution makes sure your site is performing well and remains online. The monitoring also makes sure the backup remain running an up-to-date

Go to Updates


Periodically, every site needs updates to keep it secure. Our system runs updates whenever new versions of WordPress or its themes and plugins come out.

Let us manage your web site

Your Website is the centre of your online presence, make sure it's protected.

Our automated tools will monitor it to make sure it's operating the best it can be. Our friendly staff will answer any questions, or resolve any issues you might have

  • Leave managing your web site to the experts so you can grow your business

  • Assessments are run automatically, and discovered issues are reported back to our alerts console for mitigation.

  • We can build you new features for your site. Anything from customer interactivity to automation

  • Let us maintain the content of the site. Sites which have continual new content rank higher in the search listing.